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Our pediatricians make ear piercing a safer experience for children

Novant Health Meadowlark Pediatrics now offers ear-piercing services for children, beginning at six months of age. You can count on our experienced physicians to provide personal, professional care for your child. Safety is the top priority during this procedure, which means our medical team follows strict health standards to prevent infection.

Ear piercing in a physician’s office can give you peace of mind. Our medical team uses sterile tools and hypoallergenic earrings made of plastic, to promote healing. We avoid using nickel and gold earrings because some children have sensitivity to these materials. The earrings used for the procedure should stay in place for six to eight weeks.

The cost for pediatric ear piercing is $70 and includes the hypoallergenic earrings. After the piercing is complete, you will receive instructions for caring for your child’s ears. A follow-up appointment is not required.